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trademark for preparations of albuterol, a bronchodilator.


(prō-vĕn′tl, prō′vĕn′tl)
A trademark for the drug albuterol.


a trademark for a bronchodilator (albuterol).


Critical care An albuterol sulfate-based metered dose inhaler–MDI used to relieve asthma attacks. See Asthma.

Patient discussion about Proventil

Q. Is a Proventil Inhaler cheaper by you than Secirity Blue? I pay $60. with Security Blue now. Is it cheaper with you for a three months supply ?

A. here is a drug prices comparing site-

but i couldn't find there that other drug you were talking that it's name?

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The investigators tested 15 canisters each of Proventil HFA (150 dose), Azmacort (240 dose), and Flovent (120 dose).
Claire said, "You have bronchoconstriction, and 3 times a day, if you need to, you should use proventil.
Beta-2 agonist bronchodilators (Atrovent, Alupent, Proventil, Ventolin, and many others) are the class of drugs most often used as first-line therapy in this country.
Ipratropium Bromide) Albuterol, Proventil, Albuterol Dey Laboratories Provential Inhaler, Mylan Pharmaceuti- Ventolin cals Inc.
98 per unit-dose vial, is intended to be competitive with racemic albuterol products such as Schering's Proventil ($1.
Average wholesale price (AWP) data in July 1994 show that prediluted Proventil costs $1.
They have special heat-labile formulations of Proventil and Vanceril for patients with COPD who can't stop smoking long enough to use their inhalers.
The more widely used maintenance drugs with reduced co-pays include: Avapro and Benicar, both used to treat hypertension; Actos and Lantus, used to treat diabetes; Symbicort, used to treat COPD; and Proventil HFA, for COPD and asthma.
And Salbutamol (albuterol, Proventil, Ventolin) is said to be "not presently available in the US because of possible oncogenesis associated with its use.
In the study, the overall incidence of adverse events in the XOPENEX HFA (72%) and PROVENTIL HFA (76.
In the study, the overall incidence of adverse events (AEs) in the XOPENEX HFA (72%) and PROVENTIL HFA (76.