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a subclass of sporozoa commonly parasitic in epithelial cells of the intestinal tract, but also found in the liver and other organs; it includes two genera, Eimeria and Isospora.


 [kok-sid´e-ah] (L.)
plural of coccidium.
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A subclass of important protozoa (class Sporozoea, phylum Apicomplexa) in which the mature trophozoites are small and typically intracellular; schizogony and sporogony can occur in the same host, in contrast to the gregarines (subclass Gregarinia of class Sporozoea), which have large extracellular trophozoites in various invertebrates and do not reproduce by schizogony.
Synonym(s): Coccidiasina
[Mod. L., fr. G. kokkos, berry]


Plural of coccidium.
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A subclass of protozoa in which mature trophozoites are small and typically intracellular.
[Mod. L., fr. G. kokkos, berry]
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