Protective Posture Gear

Clothing, masks, and other devices worn by military personnel to protect against chemical or biologic weapons
Adverse effects Dyspnea (33%), anxiety (20%), leading to panic and removal of masks, auditory hallucinations, and other symptoms
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Many leaders are unaware that Soldiers are affected by threat factors that are less overt than a sarin gas attack or nerve agent contamination and that CBRN training does not always include mission-oriented protective posture gear and decontamination lines.
If you're putting somebody in 140 degrees on a treadmill with MOPP (mission oriented protective posture gear) 4 on, it's a big deal."
In addition, after clearing the contaminated target building, CRT 3 assisted the infantry in decontaminating a casualty and performing a mission-oriented protective posture gear exchange.
The standard scrub brushes, 6-mil bags, and mission-oriented protective posture gear of a decontamination platoon are replaced with a Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System II--a self-sufficient container express containing CBRN detection, sampling, and personal protection equipment, including expendable parts (which must be resupplied)--during the transition to an R&S platoon.
For example, some of the CDC mission-oriented protective posture gear had no hoods.
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