Urology A device for treating BPH using microwave heat without injuring adjacent healthy tissue with TUMT®–transurethral microwave thermotherapy. See Benign prostatic hypertrophy.
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In connection with the company's strategy to develop a next generation catheter, company management recently developed an end-of-life plan for its Prostatron control units and Prostaprobe treatment catheters resulting in a non-cash charge of $6.
Accordingly, it has become evident that the Prostatron line will have a limited future life.
The non-cash long lived asset impairments and inventory write-downs related to Prostatron will result in annual savings of $0.
Urologix's products include the CoolWave, Targis and Prostatron control units and the Cooled ThermoCath, Targis and Prostaprobe catheter families.
Urologix acquired this patent in 2000 as part of the acquisition of the Prostatron product line from EDAP TMS S.
Urologix markets its products under the Targis and Prostatron names.
The Food and Drug Administration approved the Prostatron, which kills excess prostate tissue by heating the gland with microwaves, based on studies showing it may help 75 percent of patients.
The Prostatron is a one-hour, outpatient procedure that appears to work better than drugs and clearly is safer than surgery, said Dr.
With the Prostatron, a catheter is threaded through the urethra into the prostate.
The Prostatron, performed under local anesthetic, treats most symptoms effectively, with no significant effect on sexual function, the FDA said.
The Prostatron is a computer-driven system designed to treat disorders of the prostate by raising the obstructing tissue temperature to therapeutic levels (45 to 50|degrees~C).
With this support, a healthy supply of both Prostatron and Targis control units, and increased reimbursement in the physician's office and hospital, we anticipate a strong second half of fiscal 2002.