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Relating to retrospection.


adjective Referring to the capture of clinical trial data ex post facto—i.e., recalled from a subject’s/patient’s memory rather than being recorded in real time.

Retrospective capture is important in patient-reported outcomes because of "recall bias" and other errors demonstrated in psychological research that have compared contemporaneous self-reported assessments as well as those that rely on long-term memory.
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According to local news channel report, Rystad Energy in its report on the prospective new discoveries of energy resources said that Kekra well in Pakistani waters have pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 1.5 billion barrels of oil or equivalent.
The Eni's Kekra well for oil and gas reserves in Pakistani waters is among three highly prospective wells in the world, international energy research agency Rystad Energy said in its report.
"Our jurisprudence regarding how to assess beliefs or opinions expressed by prospective jurors during voir dire has been less than clear.
The sessions will be held on January 28, at 11am, for prospective parish candidates and 2pm for prospective borough candidates; and, February 5, at 11am, for prospective parish candidates and 2pm for prospective borough candidates.
The prospective juror who was excused by the prosecution was the only African-American person in the jury pool.
In a statement from the management of NYSC it stated that, 'The management of NYSC wishes to inform all 2018 Batch C prospective Corps Members deployed to Kaduna State that the commencement of the Orientation Course earlier scheduled for Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018 has been suspended till further notice due to the current security situation and consequent curfew imposed by the state government.
* To find out gender wise distribution of prospective teachers among influence of social media on information resources.
A closer interaction among university, school, prospective teachers and students beyond teaching practice is essential to increase mutual familiarity addressing the surprise element of challenges faced by the prospective teachers.
A failing prospective memory can be an early sign of Alzheimer's disease, according to University of Chichester psychologists, and new therapeutic methods are being used to utilise levels of prospective memory as a means to accurately diagnose diseases of cognitive impairment.
This study was conducted in those institutes where prospective teachers were pursuing their professional degrees of education Questionnaire was distributed among 180 prospective teachers including boys and girls, for ascertaining the attitudes of prospective teachers, enrolled either in ADE or B.Ed.
Under prospective payment, providers are paid a fixed amount per episode of care, with the payment determined only by the patient's medical condition.
Existing and prospective franchisees will gather from all over the world and from all walks of life to meet these new and established concepts, and learn more about the potential for growth and franchise ownership.