Cisapride GI disease An agent used for symptomatic treatment of nocturnal heartburn due to GERD removed from marketplace due to arrhythmias, death. See Proton pump inhibitor.
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On May 19, 1999, Nancy Gellner began taking Propulsid to treat acid reflux.
Patients taking Sustiva should not take Hismanal (astemizole), Vascor (bepridil), Propulsid (cisapride), Versed (midazolam), Orap (pimozide), Halcion (triazolam), or ergot derivatives (for example, Wigraine and Cafergot).
In a major victory for corporate defendants, the Mississippi Supreme Court has spelled out strict limits to the state's substitute for class action - its "permissive joinder" rule - and left only one plaintiff in a lawsuit against those who manufactured and prescribed the drug Propulsid.
And users of Rezulin, Baycol, Propulsid, Duract, and several drugs linked in hundreds of deaths before the drugs were "voluntarily" withdrawn by their manufacturers will likely encounter the same obstacle in states with shield laws.
The new millennium has opened with litigation regarding the medications Propulsid, Rezulin, Vioxx, Celebrex, OxyContin, and Baycol.
Also covering personal injury, wrongful death or class action lawsuits, the newsletter covers issues related to Baycol, Paxil, Propulsid, Thimerosal/Vaccines, OxyContin, Ephedra, medical research, recalls, verdicts and settlements, expert testimony, punitive damages, state practices and warranties.
a Lexis-Nexis company, recently launched Mealey's Litigation Report: Propulsid (12x, $6501 year); Mealey's Litigation Report: Nursing Home Liability 12x, $650); Mealey's Litigation Report: Mold (12x, $650); and Mealey's Nimmer Report on Copyright (12x, $795)
A recent example: The FDA-approved drug Propulsid is commonly used to treat stomach acid problems.
The drug propulsid - also known as cisapride - is linked to a condition where the heart stops beating properly and a number of patients have died or suffered serious side effects.
With the loss of its product Propulsid, which was pulled from the market because of concerns it caused heart problems, Johnson & Johnson is especially vulnerable if it loses Epogen's patent protection, Christopher said.
If this is not effective, her physician may wish to prescribe Propulsid in a 10 mg dose which can be taken about one hour prior to her race and can help to speed gastric emptying.
5 billion), relating to (+) norcisapride, an isomer of the active metabolite of Propulsid (cisapride).