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Patient care The conversion of an 'attached' Pt–already being seen by a particular physician or group–to another doctor for future followup after being seen in an ER or other neutral health care setting, where one of the ER staff suggested that the Pt switch physicians. See Attached patient.
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Q. i have a ex boyfriend who is 57 i think hes a alcoholic or something or bipolar.. his personality flip flops. well wondering what is causing this maybe midlife crisis .. i asked something is going on... he thinks he's fine.

A. he seems to have control issues. and just went to court on a domestic voilence charge he never hit me, but he been verbally abuse and emotionally, which i would not stand for.. he sweet one minute then two hours later. hes threatening..

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Most property flipping occurs within a matter of days after acquisition and usually with only minor cosmetic improvements, if any."
However, the letter requested two clarifications regarding appraisals for property flipping. It asked that the CFPB clarify the type of appraisal that would satisfy the second appraisal requirement and also to clarify which of the two appraisals would be used in underwriting the loan.
Property flipping. Property flipping has been around for a long time.
THERE are two types of Real Estate Flipping: the legal and the illegal type of real property flipping. Illegal flipping is when one buys a house at a low price and then resells it at a higher price within a short time frame, often after making only cosmetic improvements to the property.
A common form of fraud is property flipping, which involves false appraisals and fraudulent loan documents.
The report notes significant new trends in mortgage fraud as well, including equity skimming and more sophisticated property flipping. Property flipping involves purchasing property, fraudulently appraising it at a higher value, then quickly selling it to an associate, who may sell it to another associate, and so on.
Based on internal analysis and lender feedback, we are revising our policy to more specifically address the issue of property flipping. Property flipping generally refers to the process of purchasing existing properties with the intention of immediately reselling the properties for a profit ...
Property flipping is a term widely used in the US to describe the process of buying property and reselling it at a higher price, usually after making minor alterations or refurbishments.
"The ending of the period of tax- free property trading for this group will of course further deter 'property flipping', which could have a knock on effect on the residential market's growth in the short term, while Indian investors assess their options."
"In the current scenario, the Indian property market is definitely not geared up for property flipping within short investment periods, mid-to-long term investment options with 4-5 years window would be ideal, such an investment horizon is a safe hedge against risk related to market variations, and ensures that the property gains healthy appreciation regardless of market dynamics," added Sunil.
Countless amounts of time and energy are spent annually on hard-to-start, harder-to-thrive ventures like property flipping or investment.

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