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Referring to studies that provide an introduction to science; preparatory instruction
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It is a different matter whether contemporary natural theology can function as an effective propaedeutic to faith; its effectiveness is doubtful even if an inside approach like Aquinas's is adopted.
And yet the cautionary tale I see narrated in the migration of Roth's story from its mimetic environs in Woodenton to unexpected readerships in Tel Aviv to Washington Heights--the literary analogue to Edward Said's "traveling theory," we might say--is illuminated by the operative but tantalizingly propaedeutic concept for reorienting literary thinking Miron calls contiguity.
In this way the sermon becomes a kind of propaedeutic for the hearing of the Passion story, akin to a preconcert talk given by a musicologist to help the audience better understand and thus become more acute listeners and appreciators of what they are about to hear.
It is often commented in some form or another that Derrida's thinking, although offering a thoroughgoing critique of the underlying assumptions of the Western philosophical cannon, is "primarily of propaedeutic value" when it comes to the "current global system of the bodies politic" (Protevi 2001, 2).
The fact that the outcomes of this research project are most appropriately seen as a propaedeutic to further enquiry is in line with the "research development insights" grant that supported this work, which was geared towards generating new research questions, rather than producing new research data.
97) In the second century, for example, the following philosophical texts promoted the propaedeutic value of mathematics: Nicomachus Arithmetica Introductio 1.
Consequently, the implementation of one of the most important aspects of formative assessment, feedback, is enabled and the awareness of students about their own propaedeutic learning appears (Weaver, 2006; Boud, 2007, Nicol & Macfarlane-Dick, 2006).
The vision of God is our beatitudo, our happiness, say the Scriptures and the Fathers, and Dante's beloved Thomas, and thus the phrase "apparuit iam beatitudo vestra" prepares us for the time, intimated at the conclusion of La Vita Nuova, when Dante will see his love of Beatrice as propaedeutic to his love of Christ.
There seems to be something about long sailing trips in the mid 1800s that was propaedeutic to great intellectual productivity.
Kant regarded pragmatic anthropology as a propaedeutic or general introduction to the humanities.
General education is thus a necessary evil, a mere propaedeutic to the student's inevitable specialization.
Despite the convoluted title--"Vivo ergo cogito: Modernism as Temporalization and Its Discontents: A Propaedeutic to This Collection"--Stephen Schloesser's opening chapter is a masterful analysis of how American pragmatists and Catholic Modernists responded to idealism and positivism at a time when secularization and scholasticism were on the rise.