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Referring to studies that provide an introduction to science; preparatory instruction
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(12) Thomas Jeannot, "A Propaedeutic to the Philosophical Hermeneutics of John Dewey: Art as Experience and Truth and Method," The Journal of Speculative Philosophy 15, no.
In describing the nature of fundamental theology in terms of communication, I begin by noting that fundamental theology is a 20th-century successor to the older traditions of natural theology and apologetics; its task is to provide a "propaedeutic path to faith." (28) Besides the propaedeutic and apologetic tasks, a third task, with more constructive roots, has emerged as an important agenda of fundamental theology: interreligious dialogue.
First, Kant sees geography as a propaedeutic for knowledge of the world" (PG 9, page 157, original emphasis), and here it serves as a preliminary instruction in both science and life (see May, 1970, page 132).
For the measurement of the outcome indicators of tissue integrity: skin and mucous membranes, propaedeutic methods of inspection and palpation were used, however two of the indicators were measured by specific instruments: temperature by means of a Minipa[R] brand MT-305 infrared thermometer, calibrated with emissivity of 0.98, specific to human skin measured by an infrared wave coming through at a distance of 10 cm from the lesion; and tactile sensitivity of the perilesional area and dorsum of the foot, through the Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments or the Sorry[R] brand, securing the cord of the apparatus so that the filament is perpendicular to the skin surface of the patient and the pressure taken must achieve a sufficient force to bend the filament.
But what also becomes increasingly clear is that for Bede this pattern of teaching and doing is inextricably bound to--both propaedeutic for and a consequence of--a right reading of the whole of Scriptures.
All the other functions and activities carried out are propaedeutic and/or support the above-stated macro areas (e.g., career guidance for students and job placement).
This propaedeutic to a dynamic relationship with Christ makes sense of his desire for Sarah Ruth's ethical beauty and for sensory aesthetic pleasure.
What emerges is a suggestive reading of difficult, highly troped poems whose novel intellectual quality is intentionally propaedeutic for the reader.
As a propaedeutic we can turn to the project that the British artist Rod Dickinson presented in February of 2002: a meticulously staged replica of one of the most notorious behavioral experiments of the 1960s, Stanley Milgram's study of "obedience to authority." Dickinson's The Tenth Level took place at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow on two consecutive evenings and was accompanied by an extended lecture series on topics relevant to the study of authority and control.
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(8) Department of Dentistry Propaedeutic, Medical University of Bialystok, Poland