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A device of sturdy material used to support or hold something in place.

mouth prop

A metal or rubber device inserted between the jaws to maintain the mouth in an open position. Synonym: bite block


clinical padding/orthodigital materials infilling the plantar hollow of lesser toe/s, to improve toe function; Table 1
Table 1: Examples of clinical pads
Pad typeExamplesDescription
Digital padsPlantar bar/long propSCF pad formed to infill the plantar aspect of the shanks of lesser toes, in order to prevent/reduce overcontraction of one or more lesser toes
Dorsal barSCF pad formed to infill the dorsal aspects of one or more hammered or retracted lesser toes, to reduce trauma to the skin overlying the prominent interphalangeal joints
Dorsoplantar splintSCF pad made as a combination of the plantar and dorsal bars, to correct digital deformity/reduce trauma to the apices and dorsa of lesser toes
Interdigital wedgeSCF or foam (plain, cavitied or holed) pad formed to match the dimensions of the interdigital space to reduce reformation of an interdigital heloma molle
Dorsal proximal/distal/apical/interdigital crescentA crescent-shaped pad applied proximal/distal to the dorsal/apical/interdigital area of a hyperkeratotic lesion on a digit, to reduce local pressure and friction
Dorsal horseshoeA horseshoe-shaped pad, where the 'arms' of the horseshoe cover the dorsal aspects of toes adjacent to the digit affected by a corn, and the U acts in the same manner as a crescent pad to protect the lesion
Plantar metatarsal padsPlantar coverA pad that covers the plantar skin of the forefoot, from the webbing to a line approximately 1cm distal to the bases of the metatarsals
U'd plantar coverA plantar cover into which a U has been cut to deflect pressure away from a plantar lesion. The U may be infilled with cushioning material
Winged plantar coverA plantar cover into which semicircular cutouts have been made, to deflect pressure from the 1 and/or 5 MTPJs
Plantar metatarsal padA pad applied to the 2/3/4 metatarsals, the distal limit of which applies pressure to the 2/3/4 metatarsal heads so that the 2/3/4 MTPJs are extended and the 2/3/4 toes realigned into a more functional position; the pad will also reduce compression between adjacent metatarsal heads
Plantar barA pad similar to a plantar cover, the distal limit of which had been shaped to accommodate up to 5 U'd areas
Shaft pad/long shaft padA pad applied to an individual metatarsal to allow sagittal-plane realignment
OthersD filler
Valgus pad
A pad that is shaped to infill the plantar aspect of the medial longitudinal arch to reduce excessive pronation or ease the pain of foot strain
Hallux valgus ovalAn oval pad, with or without a central cavity or hole, that is applied to the medial aspect of the 1 MTPJ to reduce local shear stresses in cases of HAV
Heel padA pad shaped to the plantar aspect of the heel, to cushion or reduce pressure to a plantar bursitis or heel spur
Posterior heel padA pad designed to deflect pressure from the posterior lateral area of the heel, in cases with Haglund's deformity
Doughnut pad
Ring pad
Oval pad
A circular pad with a central cavity or hole applied to the plantar aspect of the heel to protect the point of insertion of the plantar fascia
Cobra padA pad that combines a medial heel wedge, a valgus filler and a medial forefoot pad, to reduce excess foot pronation
Dumbbell padA pad that combines the action of a shaft pad to dorsiflex an individual metatarsal head, and an interdigital wedge, to reduce friction and pressure at the depth of the interdigital sulcus
Achilles tendon padA pad applied to the posterior aspect of the heel, to reduce pressure and friction at the insertion of the tendo Achilles

SCF, semicompressed felt; MTPJ, metatarsophalangeal joint; HAV, hallux abductovalgus.


n a device inserted between the jaws to maintain an open position of the mandible.
prop, ratchet type,
n a device placed in one side of the oral cavity that is used to keep the oral cavity of a patient open while work is performed on the other side. It can be set to various positions.
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