Porfiromycin Oncology An orphan drug used to manage hypoxic CA cells, which are less susceptible to RT than other tumor cells. See Orphan drug, Radiation therapy.
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Central to its strategy to partner on development and commercialization of its products, VION has partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim on Promycin.
The Company estimates the worldwide market for Promycin, TAPET, and Triapine combined, to exceed $8 billion by targeting the 1.
Note to Editors: Promycin and TAPET are registered trademarks of Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Research and development expenses for the third quarter of 1996 totaled $974,569 compared to $1,423,736 in the previous quarter, due to reduced production expenses of clinical materials for expanded Phase III clinical testing of Promycin(TM) (porfiromycin), the reclassification of a previously expensed down payment for Phase III clinical testing of Promycin, and lower research support expenses at the Microfab Biosystems subsidiary for the quarter.
We are very pleased with the progress we have made on the research and development front this quarter, particularly on gearing up the pivotal trials on Promycin, moving our antiviral B-L-Fd4C toward an IND filing and making substantial progress on our platform technology, TAPET(TM)," said John Spears, president and CEO.
The company's anticancer agent, Promycin, is currently in Phase III clinical trials.
Promycin is a bioreductive alkylating agent being tested as an adjunct to radiation therapy in head and neck cancer patients.