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estoppel (estop´əl),

n a preclusion, in law, that prevents a person from alleging or denying a fact because of his or her own previous act or allegation.
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The Florida Supreme Court recognized the existence of an affirmative cause of action for promissory estoppel in W.
Accepting the TPP claim based theory, the court then analyzed each of Wigod's state law claims and found that she had adequately pled breach of contract, promissory estoppel, fraudulent misrepresentations, and violations of ICFA claims.
take down and thereby avoid a promissory estoppel claim.
With the promulgation of the first Restatement the promissory estoppel doctrine began to flourish.
it is often said that when promissory estoppel is used merely as a defense to a defense, e.
Finally, it states that because it never promised to pay the bonds, it should not be liable under promissory estoppel.
may explain the cases in which promissory estoppel operates as a cause
Hillman, The Unfulfilled Promise of Promissory Estoppel in the Employment Setting, 31 RUTGERS L.
Detrimental reliance, or at the very least, reliance founds a defensive argument in promissory estoppel by a defendant who seeks to resist the restoration of an original contract in favour of enforcement of the modified contract.
Based on the unfulfilled promise made by Osako, the 9th Circuit held that Barnes' complaint alleged facts sufficient for a potentially valid breach of contract claim on the theory of promissory estoppel, even though no consideration was exchanged for Osako's promise.
Resolving a conflict within the appellate court, the Illinois Supreme Court has recognized promissory estoppel as a cause of action in Illinois.