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AdlensFocuss lenses offer at least four times more viewing area than traditional progressive lenses and come encased in a fashion-forward frame from award-winning designer Blake Kuwahara.
Previously, progressive lenses could only be manufactured in a complex, high volume production environment.
By the year 2013, the total population of Brazil is forecast to exceed 200 million inhabitants, with the number of consumers aged 45 years and older the target market for progressive lenses exceeding 57 million.
For whom are these glasses with progressive lenses meant?
Progressive lenses are a wonderful way to do that, without the conspicuous bifocal line or the annoying `jumps' in vision found in other treatment options.
Progressive lenses have become so popular that Singeltary rarely fills bi- or trifocal prescriptions anymore.
But progressive lenses provide a gradual transition between the two visual zones, and move any blur and distortion towards the peripheral part of the lens where they are less of a problem for the wearer.
The progressive lenses are made out of a 55-percent-water hydrogel known as vifilcon A, the same material that CIBA Vision uses for its monthly and weekly lenses and lenses for astigmatism.
This software is based on Shamir Optical's proprietary mathematical algorithms that optimize designs of progressive lenses for a variety of activities and environments.
Powered by 'Precision Technology,' the new Zeiss Progressive Lenses Portfolio includes the world's first 'Digital Inside Technology' in response to the increased digitalisation of lifestyles.
67 SV lenses, round top bifocal lenses, flat top bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, photochromic lenses, sunglass lenses and lenticular lens.
Goal was to discuss in depth new technological developments and share vision and plans on the future generation progressive lenses.

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