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1. A formal set of procedures for conducting an activity.
2. An ordered list of instructions directing a computer to carry out a sequence of operations required to solve a problem or process data.
3. A planned learning activity for patients, providers, or others involved in health care.
Synonym(s): programme.

program, programme

a planned course of action, e.g. herd health program, production program.

public program
a disease control program available to all members of the public, e.g. rabies control, tuberculosis eradication.
whole farm program
one which takes into account all of the enterprises on a farm and presents a financial accounting of the farm as a whole.
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Also, he became a devotee of the moving- picture shows, spending as much as twenty and thirty cents a day and resolutely sitting out every repetition of programme.
With roots in the 19th century, these empowerment programmes gained new life in the mid-1980s, according to Shayne Schneider, President of Mentors Unlimited.
Schneider attributes the impetus to several converging factors, which include: the business community's need to develop the workforce; donors' and volunteers' sense of social responsibility; a mood in society that began to favour individual efforts over government programmes as a response to social problems; a growing desire among successful professionals for more meaningful interaction in their lives; and a lessening of racial tension and fear, which enabled multiculrural programmes to take hold.

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