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proflavin (proflavine)

a MUTAGEN that can induce e.g. FRAMESHIFT mutations. see ACRIDINES.
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(a) Aslanoglu, M., Electrochemical and spectroscopic studies of the interaction of proflavine with DNA.
CFM imaging by other investigators include cresyl violet, indocyanine green, methylene blue, toluidine blue O, and proflavine. (22) These contrast agents result in at least a 1000-fold improvement in nucleus-to-cytoplasm contrast and aid in the recognition of tissues.
Daily surgical wound was dressed aseptically and Gamma Benzene Hexachloride and Proflavine Hemisulphate with antiseptic cream (Lorexane (g)) was applied.
Lim et al.(38) reported perioral and mucosal edema caused by contact allergy to proflavine (an antiseptic) in an acriflavine (a proflavine derivative) mouthwash.
In the study of the interaction of FMN with the antibiotics, DAU, AMD, NOR, TPT, and NOV [91-96], and mutagens, ethidiumbromide and proflavine [97], the formation of stable hetero-complexes in solution was found.
The interaction of polyphospates and cationic dyes such as toludine blue [5], 4,5,4',5'-dibenzo-3,3'-diethyl-9-methylthiocarbocyanine [6], acridine orange and proflavine [7-11] are reported.
To test that hypothesis, Hud and his team selected as their midwife a small molecule called proflavine. They knew that it could bind to both DNA and its cousin RNA, which has the structure of a ladder split in half through the rungs.
Initially acridine analogs were clinically utilized as antimicrobials and antimalarial agent in early and middle nineteen century in which amino derivatives of acridine mainly acriflavine, trypaflavin, gonoflavin and proflavine were mostly used, later quinacrine was used as antiseptics in hospitals till the discovery of penicillins as antibiotic agents [32].
2) and dressed with D' Mag spray (a) (Topical spray containing Gamma BHC, Proflavine hemisulphate, Cetrimide with natural oils).