proflavin (proflavine)

a MUTAGEN that can induce e.g. FRAMESHIFT mutations. see ACRIDINES.
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TehA was identified as a transmembrane protein from Escherichia coli that was resistant to tellurite, tetraphenylarsonium Cl, ethidium bromide, crystal violet, and proflavin [27], and the malic acid transport phenotype increases L-malic acid uptake by competing against stearic dicarboxylic acids in Schizosaccharomyces pombe [28].
A randomised controlled trial of a double layer of Allevyn[TM] compared to Jellonet and proflavin as a tie-over dressing for small skin grafts.
In a previous study, we explored the DNA binding of some derivatives of uracils which showed that these derivatives have better binding as compared to the classical intercalator proflavin and clinically used chemotherapeutic agent epirubicin [34].
1998'de WHO patojenik bakteriyel kolonizasyonunun azaltilmasina yonelik olarak gobek kordonu bakiminda; klorheksidin, povidon iyot, uclu boya ("triple dye": jansiyen moru, brilyant yesili ve proflavin sulfat karisimi), gumus sulfadiyazin veya izopropil alkol (%70) uygulamasini onermistir (25).
Deletion may also be quite serious and can be caused by high pH levels, high temperature, and by various chemical compounds, such as proflavin.