profit sharing

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the amount by which income exceeds expenditure.

profit sharing
profit sharing between a professional and a lay person is illegal in most countries because it is considered to be improper for a nonveterinarian to have any authority over the quality and style of the work of a professional person.
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Instead, profit-sharing plans may be structured to put a greater percentage of compensation in the accounts of certain employees.
Other firms consider net worth and dividends to be paid before contributions to the profit-sharing plan can be made.
If we could not find a record for an ESOP or profit-sharing plan for a given company in our sample, we assumed that the company did not have such a plan.
America's first profit-sharing plan was introduced in 1794 at the New Geneva, PA, glass works by Albert Gallatin.
Additionally, new funds going into a profit-sharing plan are tax-deductible.
Corporation 4 established a profit-sharing plan in 1988 that was timely amended and received a favorable determination letter in 1996.
Profit-sharing plans let you put away up to 15%, up to a total deductible contribution of $22,500.
However, ESOPs may no longer be appropriate for funding a matching program for a sponsor's 401(k) savings plan, formula-based profit-sharing plan and other employee benefits.
Thus, if cash is tight, contributions to a profit-sharing plan may be reduced, or even eliminated.
There are 2,927 employees in the profit-sharing plan this year.
Maintains A, a nongovernmental profit-sharing plan intended to be a qualified plan under Sec.