Professional Suicide

(1) Career suicide, job suicide The commission of an act or series of acts that compromises or diminishes one’s stature in one’s career, job or profession
(2) Job-related suicide
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Considering the documented evidence of the atrocity plus the testimonies of state witnesses, any magistrate who clears the Ampatuans will be committing professional suicide.
The jockey has been receiving specialist medical advice ever since he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes in 2005, but he chose not to disclose the information to the BHA, believing it would have been "professional suicide".
In a 'degree-crazy' society like ours, many students begin their journey to professional suicide the day they graduate into the already saturated job market.
People thought I was committing professional suicide, but it ended up being the greatest gift, she said.
If Goldstone elected to defend Israel against the indefensible, he would have committed professional suicide."
Hyd yn oed i Rees Davies roedd astudio hanes Cymru yn cael ei ystyried fel "professional suicide" (fel soniodd Adam Price), ac mae gwneud hynny o safbwynt y Gymraeg ac yn y Gymraeg yn wallgofrwydd bid siwr.
Under the circumstances, extolling the merits of the Gulenist charities that are being destroyed would amount to professional suicide.
At which point Hound, who was on a hosting rota with Cox, Aled Jones and the Autocue-challenged Emma Bunton, realised he was committing professional suicide and vanished from our screens.
All we needed to know was shown in an hour and a half of sheer agony, of abject surrender, of professional suicide.
WHEN Stewart Downing, who is, in my opinion, the most under-rated player of his generation, made the decision to return to Middlesbrough, I feared he was commiting professional suicide. And at the Riverside Stadium last Saturday, the wheels started to fall off Boro's previously unstoppable juggernaut.
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