professional component

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pro·fes·sion·al com·po·nent

(prŏ-fesh'ŭn-ăl kŏm-pō'nĕnt)
In health care informatics, that portion of a service or therapy provided by a physician rather than any other health care workers.
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It integrates the 2016 Common Professional Component of the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation and North American Society for Sport Management concerns.
The only other procedure showing at least a 10% increase in reimbursement in the office setting is the professional component for the ultrasonic guidance for aspiration of ova.
"In addition to the reduction in reimbursement for the technical component, it also increases the payment for the professional component of multiple imaging services by changing the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) from 25% to 5%.
Addressing on the occasion, the Chief of the Naval Staff said that Pakistan Naval Aviation has come a long way and matured into a well established highly professional component of the Fleet.
"During a routine policy review," Cigna (Bloom-ID field, Connecticut), a major medical insurer, announced that beginning March 10, 2014, it would no longer pay pathologists for the professional component of the clinical pathology services they provide, to wit, claims submitted with modifier 26 when billed with laboratory codes.
For this purpose Elerium Software introduced the updated version of professional component for .NET developers, who want to convert HTML to Word documents.
About 25 years ago, I said to the dean, "Why don't you let me have a comedian come speak?" He said, "No, we need something professional." I said I would write a speech about accounting in the 21st century, and the comedian could read some of the speech and do some comedy Then it would have a professional component. So the dean said, "OK." The comedian read some of the speech, told some jokes, and read some of the speech.
However, with a relatively small investment, the physician can and will be prepared to process the professional component and reap the revenue generated from it.
This four-volume reference is shaped around the seven Common Professional Component topical areas identified by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation as essential content of a sport management degree program.
The agency wants to extend the multiple procedure payment reduc tion (MPPK) policy to the professional component of advanced imaging services, which includes computed tomography (CT) scans, MRI, and ultrasound.
Beginning with the Pastrana administration and extending into Uribe's, Colombia reorganized its army into a mobile and highly skilled professional component; additionally, a draftee component formed for local security.

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