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An extinct genus of primates that lived in African rainforests 23 million to 17 million years ago during the Miocene epoch
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Each era, along with its American proconsuls, is presented in the richly documented detail expected from an eminent scholar and practitioner of our national security affairs.
Augustus separated Cyprus from Egypt and made it a senatorial province, governed by a proconsul. By the beginning of the first century AD, Cyprus was already becoming a political backwater in the Roman Empire.
Proconsuls of Far Spain (114-93) Proconsuls in Near Spain (102-81) 114-13 C.
"L'activite des proconsuls et des representants du prince dans la province de Crete-Cyrenaique au haut-empire d'apres les inscriptions," in Cites, ports, et campagnes de la Cyrenaique grecoromaine (Karthago 24), ed.
He was not a proconsul but a fine example of the kind of man who turns the dreams of proconsuls into reality, capable of dreams himself but a professional soldier to his fingertips.
But Johnson can't decide whether American soldiers are pampered imperial proconsuls with rotten values or poor dupes manipulated into miserable service careers by the Pentagon.
At the age of forty, Curzon became Queen Victoria's last Viceroy of India, ruling as the Imperial proconsul over 300 million people.
America's legions are deployed all over the globe, its generals act like proconsuls, and its ships and submarines rule the seas.
This in turn means that it was about antiquity and anachronism, tradition and honour, order and subordination; about glory and chivalry, horses and elephants, knights and peers, processions and ceremony, plumed hats and ermine robes; about chiefs and emirs, sultans and nawabs, viceroys and proconsuls; about thrones and crowns, dominion and hierarchy, ostentation and ornamentalism.
Since then they have developed into mammoth institutions, with huge budgets, and massive firepower at their disposal - turning the commanding officers into modern-day versions of the Roman empire's Proconsuls.
The series, entitled `The Proconsuls,' used examples from each of the Pentagon's overseas `commands' to conclude that military leaders `have exerted more political influence abroad over the past three years than most civilian diplomats' so that these powerful regional commanders `have evolved into the modern-day equivalent of the Roman Empire's proconsuls - well-funded, semi-autonomous, unconventional centers of U.S.
If the above account, which accepts Ulpian's claim that proconsuls had complete civil jurisdictional powers, is correct, what then of the procedure of making vadimonium to appear at Rome?(11) This form of vadimonium, which is quite distinct from the use of normal vadimonia in the course of proceedings in lure, is ill-known.(12) Although, as noted above, Lenel ascribed the rubric de vadimonio Romam faciendo to book two of both Ulpian's and Paul's commentaries on the edict, none of the surviving extracts is especially perlucid.(13) However non-juristic evidence is more helpful.