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An extinct genus of primates that lived in African rainforests 23 million to 17 million years ago during the Miocene epoch
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First, with respect to individual proconsuls the author presents what he considers to be a "respectable balance sheet"--"It reflects, above all, the high caliber of these men and others like them who have served the American Republic in high office since the nation's emergence as a great power.
The proconsul is an intelligent man and wishes to engage you in conversation.
Proconsuls of Far Spain (114-93) Proconsuls in Near Spain (102-81) 114-13 C.
54) The choice of Latin, the language used for official and especially imperial initiatives, may suggest that at Stylos Trajan employed a proconsul as his agent, as he did early in his reign at Gortyn and Kantanos as well.
The early proconsuls saw immediately that conquest was out of the question.
At the age of forty, Curzon became Queen Victoria's last Viceroy of India, ruling as the Imperial proconsul over 300 million people.
In an era of mass democracy, advanced industrialisation, unprecedented urban growth and the beginnings of aristocratic decline, the elaborate layers and gradations of empire, which were underpinned by, and helped underpin, the newly revived monarchy, served to persuade the British that they continued to inhabit an ordered society, and to persuade those plumed and plumaged proconsuls that even in the era of Lloyd George, the patricians remained at the top of the social hierarchy.
As such, the role of the Proconsuls can only increase in the coming years.
However sufficient examples exist of proconsuls exercising jurisdiction in serious civil suits involving Roman citizens to suggest that a fortiori they also exercised jurisdiction in private actions involving municipes and/or incolae of Latin communities in their provinces.
Note especially his comments on the word proconsuls in At Heaven's Gate to gloss the commercial imperialism of twentieth-century America; his fine reading of Warren's John Brown - the most perceptive and balanced in the growing commentary on this pivotal character; and his attention to two stories rarely discussed, "Christmas Gift" and "Her Own People," as texts that demonstrate Warren's sympathetic observation on the "plight of those at the bottom of the class and caste structure.
The book is rich with insight as to how these proconsuls affected American security policy.
Despite these statements to the contrary, there are those who believe that USAFRICOM--like the other combatant commands--is another prime example of American proconsuls plying foreign policy.