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An extinct genus of primates that lived in African rainforests 23 million to 17 million years ago during the Miocene epoch
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A University of Rhode Island anthropologist, along with colleagues from an international team of scientists, has discovered definitive evidence of the environment inhabited by the early ape Proconsul on Rusinga Island, Kenya.
Ei consuli pater proconsul obuiman in equo uehens uenit neque descendere uoluit, quod pater erat, et, quod inter eos sciebant maxima concordia conuenire, lictores non ausi sunt descendere iubere.
Recently, Google doodled Mary Leakey - the British archaeologist and anthropologist who discovered the first fossilized Proconsul (an extinct ape believed to be ancestral to humans) skull.
He declaimed and then distributed a witty tour de force in his own defense before the proconsul and a court of magistrates convened in Sabratha, near Tripoli.
"The proconsul is an intelligent man and wishes to engage you in conversation.
In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 13, we find a very powerful and fiery speech of Paul in which he condemns a certain Bar-Jesus, also called Elymas, a magician, who was standing in the way of the Proconsul Sergius Paulus, who wanted to hear the Word of God and turn towards the faith which was being proclaimed by Paul.
The complication is that Norma's lover is the Roman proconsul Pollione (Luis Chapa), who is also father of her two sons.
His tenure as France's proconsul in North Africa was marked with passive-aggressive resistance to German pressure for resources and manpower and foot-dragging against the collaborationists who were his nominal superiors in Vichy.