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An extinct genus of primates that lived in African rainforests 23 million to 17 million years ago during the Miocene epoch
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Ei consuli pater proconsul obuiman in equo uehens uenit neque descendere uoluit, quod pater erat, et, quod inter eos sciebant maxima concordia conuenire, lictores non ausi sunt descendere iubere.
Augustus separated Cyprus from Egypt and made it a senatorial province, governed by a proconsul.
Al parecer, en el desarrollo de las celebraciones el ambiente se vio empanado por la noticia, llegada desde Hispania Ulterior, de la derrota del entonces proconsul contra los lusitanos en territorio de los bastetanos, que hicieron retroceder al ejercito romano hasta refugiarse en el campamento obligandoles a llegar posteriormente hasta territorio pacificado (22).
For example: Roman marriage laws highlight why Augustine's concubine had to be dismissed (19-20); and the lack of Catholic assurance of triumph in the Donatist controversy is illumined by the fact that Carthage still had a pagan proconsul on the eve of the 411 conference that was called to condemn Donatists as heretics (113).
John Townsend paints the picture of Britain's global empire and brings Cox to life as an archetypal patrician proconsul.
Ambitious, vain, and alternatively scheming, defiant, and compliant when dealing with his superiors, he was lionized as military hero during World War II, praised as proconsul in postwar Japan, and condemned as insubordinate challenger to civilian authority during the Korean War.
And has there been, since Caligula appointed his horse a proconsul of Rome, a worse pick for a post than she as Home Secretary?
Frank considers the next five years, when MacArthur ruled as virtual proconsul of Japan, his finest hour.
Likewise, few could construe a civilian JIACOM leader as a provocative proconsul.
There are more familiar names, too, of course, and the authors provide detailed, usually evenhanded accounts of everyone from Evelyn Baring, First Earl of Cromer--the talented Egyptian proconsul who rather tarnished his reputation with talk of 'subject races'--to TE Lawrence, who, for my money, enjoys fame out of all proportion to his actual talents and achievements.
The second is the revision of the Amercian Proconsul Paul Bremer's law on dissolving the Baath Party and banning the former Baathists' from joining all government institutions and bodies.
2-3), who describes him as the 'most wealthy man of the Spains', may be a native Iberian whose ancestors obtained the Roman citizenship via the munificence of Marius during his time as proconsul.