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Pulse (patent pending) is based on our employee engagement model, adult learning theory, collaborative leadership, situational leadership theory, problem based learning (PBL) or action learning, and our proprietary software.
The effectiveness of problem based learning compared to traditional teaching in undergraduate psychiatry.
And update doctors according to recent practicing guidelines at any given point in time through interactive and problem based learning and increase the vitality and efficiency of the settings in which they practice" he said.
Sunstone Business School Open Courses is the only MOOC delivering courses using problem based learning approach unlike others that rely on the traditional lecture-centric approach.
In response to the research question, What is the effect of using problem based learning program in reflective thinking development at tenth grade students?
Professor Graham Sewell, head of the School of Health Professions, said: "The course development team is excited by the possibilities of delivering an optometry programme that both meets the GOC requirements and draws on our considerable experience in other healthcare professional disciplines of utilising innovative teaching and learning strategies, including Problem Based Learning and Professional Placement Learning (PPL).
The 17 papers in this collection were initially presented during the first Research Symposium on Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science Education held at Aalborg University, Denmark, in 2008.
Problem based learning has the potential to be a bridge for both professors and students to a more engaged student/teacher relationship.
These interactive workshops address the best practices UKS has gathered under the title of "The UKS Blended Model of Education" and cover the implementation of techniques such as Case Based Learning, Problem Based Learning and Project Based Learning supported by Web 2.