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The withdrawal of the marketing authorisations of fenspiride medicines is based on case reports and nonclinical studies (including hERG channel binding) that showed that fenspiride can cause QT prolongation and has proarrhythmia potential (could cause triggering or worsening of arrhythmia) with the associated risk of torsades de pointes.
Clinical experience in an acute coronary syndrome population did not show an increased risk of proarrhythmia or sudden death.
Rechanneling the cardiac proarrhythmia safety paradigm: A meeting report from the cardiac safety research consortium.
Class Ic antiarrhythmic agents are known to be associated with proarrhythmia and should be used with caution.
Despite the criticism that the specificity of this proarrhythmia risk surrogate is not ideal, it is still commonly used in the drug development process as well as in the clinic.
Usefulness of short-term variability of QT intervals as a predictor for electrical remodeling and proarrhythmia in patients with nonischemic heart failure.
Azithromycin-induced proarrhythmia and cardiovascular death.
In the past 2 decades, many attempts that were made to suppress symptomatic frequent VPCs with antiarrhythmic drugs (AADs) resulted in proarrhythmia, cardiac function inhibition, and a failure to improve survival.
Mechanisms of drug-induced proarrhythmia in clinical practice.
The endo-before -epi surgical hybrid AF ablation procedure is defined by a comprehensive endovascular approach preceding and guiding the epicardial ablation coupled with an extensive epicardial posterior wall ablation to replace the posterior "box lesion" and mitral isthmus lines and their resulting proarrhythmia.
Envigo will develop and internally validate five to seven ion channel In vitro tests for measuring cardiac risk potential--ahead of the Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) recommendations expected at the end of this year.
Josephson, "ST segment elevation induced by class IC antiarrhythmic agents: underlying electrophysiologic mechanisms and insights into drug-induced proarrhythmia," Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, vol.