Nursing A sulfite-free amino acid concentrate used for TPN Indications To offset nitrogen loss or negative nitrogen balance in Pts where: GI tract should not be used; protein absorption is impaired; metabolic requirements for protein are markedly ↑, as with extensive burns; also used to ↓ fluid intake in Pts requiring fluid restriction and TPN. See TPN.
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BASF Coatings' recent sale of its Relius decorative operations in Germany and France to Prosol Lacke + Farben GmbH of Germany highlighted a swing to vertical integration in the sector.
Swedish electronic store display solutions provider Pricer AB (OMX Stockholm:PRIC B) said on Thursday (11 December) that it has received a new order for electronic shelf labels from the French food chain Grand Frais, part of the Prosol Gestion group.
Prosol is a company dedicated to the production of soluble products for Private Label.
Desde ese ano 1992, ProHuerta recibio un apoyo financiero creciente por parte del Gobierno Nacional, primero a traves del Programa PROSOL y posteriormente a traves de la Secretaria de Desarrollo Social y mas tarde por intermedio del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social, convirtiendose estas instancias en los aportantes monetarios unicos del Programa.
Desde la administracion andaluza-marroqui, estas acciones se han interrelacionado con programas encaminados al desarrollo de equipamientos locales y regionales de electrificacion (energia solar y fotovoltaica), con proyectos de racionalizacion de energia, de transferencia de tecnologia fotovoltaica y con el proyecto denominado Prosol, a fin de conseguir un mayor alcance de los impactos.
Two commercial hybrids: Contiflor 3 (long cycle, provided by Zeneca, at Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe) and Dekalb G-100 (short cycle, provided by Dekalb, at Salto, Buenos Aires) were used in the first three experiments and Prosol 35 (short cycle, provided by Produsem, at Pergamino, Buenos Aires) was used in the last one.
BASF and Prosol Lacke + Farben GmbH signed a contract for the sale of the decorative paints business of Relius Coatings GmbH & Co.
16 August 2012 a[euro]" German chemical group BASF SE (ETR:BAS) said today it had inked a deal to dispose of certain decorative paints operations in Germany and France to wholesale firm Prosol Lacke + Farben GmbH.
Within the MIF, the PROSOL programme has helped more than 205,800 Tunisian households purchase solar water heaters, and also 81 hotels have already been equipped with solar installations between the two ongoing programmes in Tunisia and Egypt.