Orthopedics A coralline hydroxyapatite, cancellous bone-like graft used to fill defects created by acute metaphyseal fractures, for rigid internal fixation when excising cysts and tumors in metaphysis or diaphysis of long bones. See Bone graft.
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Ceramic-based bone graft substitutes: include calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and bioglass used alone or in combination (e.g., OsteoGraf [DENTSPLY Friadent CeraMed, Lakewood, Colo], Norian SRS [Synthes, Inc, West Chester, Pa], ProOsteon [Interpore Cross International, Irvine, Calif], Osteoset [Wright Medical Technology, Inc, Arlington, Tenn]).
Comparison of Vitoss (tm) and ProOsteon 500R in a criticalsized defect at 1 year [abstract].
Among the first of these materials available for clinical use was ProOsteon (Interpore Cross International, Irvine, Calif).
Some of the bioceramic based bone graft materials include Norian SRS (3), ProOsteon (Interpore Cross International, Inc), Osteoset (4), Orthogran and Periobone-G (5).