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Please take a moment to review the enclosed Discretionary OverDraft Privelege Policy notice.
His mind seemed to move in leaps, which was exhilarating to some and provoked others; but if one had the privelege to talk with him, one could see the complex path of careful steps that led him to his conclusion.
I do however see private cars using it on a regular basis as if they have some special privelege over the rest of us.
RE for allowing us the privelege to study birds in the Republic of Panama, and to STRI for logistical support.
Taking a page from the allegorical writing style of Derrick Bell, Robinson describes a fictional "great white" city called Privelege, where Vernon Jordan disease is rampant.
In fact, by 1639, Davenant obtained a patent from Charles I to build a theatre designed to "gather together, entertain, govern, privelege and keep, such and so many Players and Persons, to exercise Action, musical Presentments, Scenes, Dancing and the like.
Peggy McIntosh, White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women's Studies, in Power, Privelege and Law: A Civil Rights Reader 22-23 (Leslie Bender & Daan Braveman eds.
On the question of fees, Simmance claims executives seeking advice or putting themselves forward for a job should not have to pay for the privelege.
Litigation services engagements are particularly sensitive since the CPA may be working under counsel's work-product or attorney-client privelege, and an inadvertent disclosure might jeopardize that privilege and adversely affect the outcome.
It is our duty and privelege to insure that the public receive high-quality screening results befitting the standards recommended last year by the NIH Workshop on Public Screening for High Cholesterol.
antiterrorist" specialists the privelege of playing an advisory role in the ill-fated storming of the hijacked Egypt-air jet in Malta, he gratified his American patrons.
It was a privelege to play in a match in Steve's honour.