Myron, U.S. cardiologist, 1908-1994. See: Prinzmetal angina.
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Myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction and Prinzmetal Angina: Perform cardiac evaluation in patients with multiple risk factors and, if satisfactory, administer first dose of ZOMIG in a medically supervised setting
In 1935, Prinzmetal and Bloomberg developed a new compound, Benzedrine, which was the original drug in the class to be known as "amphetamines.
2,3) It was not accepted as a clinical entity until publication of the work by Prinzmetal et al describing variant angina in 1959.
Rajesh Kumar suffered an attack of Prinzmetal angina and collapsed and died in the garage of his home last December.
All the visual illusions in the Mystery House derive from the fact that the house is tilted," notes William Prinzmetal, adjunct associate professor of psychology, who conducted the studies with psychology professor Arthur Shimamura.
In the tilted condition, you are much more affected by the immediate visual context," explains Prinzmetal, who has tested dozens of subjects in a laboratory chair tilted at a 30 [degrees] angle.
Prinzmetal contends that understanding the principles of the Mystery Spot is critical for understanding other visual illusions that have remained unexplained for more than 100 years.
Prinzmetal elektroyu cok begendi, yayinlama konusunda bizden izin aldi ve kendisinin bizzat musahide etmedigini fakat, literaturden topladigi 22 vaka ile birlikte yayinlama iznini istedi.
AE: Evet, Prinzmetal ile sorunlarimizi halledince, Toyoshima ile intraselluler calismalara agirlik verdik.
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