Myron, U.S. cardiologist, 1908-1994. See: Prinzmetal angina.
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In 1950, Prinzmetal described a new syndrome of chest pain of ischemic origin, which was to be called Prinzmetal or vasospastic angina, whose symptoms are not determined by any regular triggers: exercise, stress, etc.
Se excluiran pacientes que rehusen participar en el estudio o asistir a las citas de seguimiento, pacientes con expectativa de vida menor a seis meses, pacientes con SCA con elevacion persistente del segmento ST, pacientes con angina de Prinzmetal, portadores de marcapasos o bloqueo de rama izquierda.
Otra patologia tambien asociada con estres y aumento de catecolaminas es la angina variante, asi como la angina de Prinzmetal (9).
He is Isidore Prinzmetal, former chief counsel for MGM.
Partial and fragmented information on spatial location is the basis to make a better choice than pure guesses (Ashby, Prinzmetal, Ivry, & Maddox, 1996; Quinlan, 2003; see footnote 1).
In 1935, Prinzmetal and Bloomberg developed a new compound, Benzedrine, which was the original drug in the class to be known as "amphetamines.
Duncan & Humphreys, 1989; Prinzmetal, 1981; Wolfe, Cave, & Franzel, 1989).
Rajesh Kumar suffered an attack of Prinzmetal angina and collapsed and died in the garage of his home last December.
All the visual illusions in the Mystery House derive from the fact that the house is tilted," notes William Prinzmetal, adjunct associate professor of psychology, who conducted the studies with psychology professor Arthur Shimamura.
Prinzmetal elektroyu cok begendi, yayinlama konusunda bizden izin aldi ve kendisinin bizzat musahide etmedigini fakat, literaturden topladigi 22 vaka ile birlikte yayinlama iznini istedi.