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Inevitably, this simplicity is also a liability in certain respects; for instance the discussion on discrete local equilibria could have been a bit less scanty without hampering, in my opinion, the aforementioned 'principle of simplicity'.
The Shaker lifestyle, based on the principle of simplicity, order, perfection, cleanliness, health and thrift, and their aesthetic, based upon craftsmanship, function, and the beauty to be found in simplicity are described in this interesting, small publication.
The principle of causality leads Kepler to take seriously the problem of the causes of the various motions; and then the principle of simplicity enables him to assert the superiority of the Copernican over the Tychonic system in so far as Copernicus has only one cause of the motions of the five planets and of the earth, whereas Tycho has two causes of motion (the sun for the five planets, and the earth for the annual motion of the solar system around the earth).
The principle of simplicity is interwoven with the principle of testable hypotheses.
The principle of simplicity has played a central role in parapsychology since the advent of research at the Duke Laboratory.
Supposedly grounded in a principle of simplicity,' the debate on the proposed regulation aimed at lowering the cost of calls made to or from another country ( roaming') continues to inspire Europe's policy-makers.
Committee chairman Chow Chung-kong said public officers should follow the principle of simplicity and refrain from extravagance a vital principle given the public's high expectations of their integrity.

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