Prince Albert

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A male genital body piercing which traditionally consists of a ring worn in a piercing which enters the shaft just below the head, into the urethra and out via the urethral opening
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Aquino, in his remarks, lauded the genuine efforts of the Monaco royals to link up with the country's disadvantaged members of society, and in the case of Prince Albert, with the people whose lives have been affected by climate change.
Scroll down to view the pictures of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II at the ceremonies.
According to the menu provided to media, Prince Albert and Aquino ate ensalada of Batangas duck estofado a l'orange, which was made from Negros chevre, Sagada orange, muscovado, heirloom carrots, Tagaytay courgette, and Cointreau-Davao cacao vinaigrette.
Shirley Henderson, chair of the Prince Albert Grand Council's women's commission, said Burns' death has served as "another wake-up call" to Prince Albert residents that the city is still not safe for Aboriginal women, and people need to continue pressuring the federal government and work to create programs for those who end up on the street.
Wittstock met Prince Albert II in 2000 while travelling to Monaco for a swimming competition.
An official said: "These rumours, spread a few days before the wedding ceremonies of His Serene Highness Prince Albert and Miss Charlene Wittstock, have only one purpose - to seriously damage the Sovereign's image and by consequence that of Miss Wittstock and to cause serious prejudice to a happy event.
As the carriages halted so did Prince Albert lower his window.
An assistant handles miniature portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from 1841, commissioned after their engagement Pictures, ANTHONY DEVLIN/PA; A case containing a sample of Queen Victoria's wedding cake; Assistants hang a recent portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip; An illustration from 1840 titled Leap Year shows Queen Victoria proposing to Prince Albert
He remembers his father's stories of having visited in Prince Albert the camp of Sitting Bull following Custer's Last Stand.
Asked about the likely winner of the trophy during an official visit to Slovakia this week, Prince Albert said: "Ireland, of course .
Contract Awarded for Chiller maintenance at the Youth Residence, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan