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(prī'mŭs), This form of the adjective is used only with masculine nouns (digitus primus, plural digiti primi). With feminine nouns the form prima is used (phalanx prima, plural phalanges primae), and with neuter nouns the form primum (septum primum, plural septa prima).
First; denoting the first of a series of similar structures.
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A few weeks ago we visited the National Botanical Gardens near Llandeilo and sure enough, out came the folding chairs, the Thermos flask (we haven't got around to buying a Primus stove yet) and the Tupperware containing those ubiquitous sarnies and little fairy cakes made especially for the trip.
If we really pare down resources, maybe we could end up with just a couple of staff, four tables and a primus stove
It looks like a cross between a Primus stove and a lamp, is made of metal and uses gas to produce carbon dioxide.
The two women are equipped with blankets and Primus stove and were delighted to learn that Arena staff - who expect all 3,200 tickets to be gone by tomorrow lunchtime - have agreed to keep toilet facilities open all night.
There was a general sense of dismay when I explained that my phone is just that - not a camera, not a Primus stove, not something for taking things out of horses' hooves.
Nothing vulgar,mind, that you tow around, while secretly frying the chips on a Primus stove in the back if you get grid locked on the M6,cut off from Charnock Richard services.
A separate primus stove was used to boil a saucepan containing water, and eventually I was handed a mug of very sweet hot water laced with a few tea leaves.
Ronald, of Barskelly Farm, Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, was in his boxer shorts when a small primus stove blew up as he cooked a burger in his tent late on Friday.
Taff and Bob got the small primus stove out and stood it on the decking above the anchor locker.
the alternative was to activate the barbecue or man the Primus stove.