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The rhizome and roots of a number of species of Primula (family Primulaceae), primrose or cowslip; has been used as expectorant, diuretic, and anthelmintic. In some sensitive persons contact with the plant causes a rash.
[Mediev. L. primrose, fem. of L. primulus, first]
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The eye-catching circular flowers of Primula auriculas come in orange, plum, purple and golden yellow with contrasting bright eyes.
In the wild, most primulas live within earshot of running water.
Primula 'Wanda' has been around for decades and, despite being one of the most familiar of all the primula hybrids, it is one of the most special.
CANDELABRA primulas are wonderful plants for damp borders and look best when grown in bold drifts in the boggy soil surrounding ponds.
Q I HAVE a small patch of drumstick primula around my pond that I'd like to extend.
The flowers of the pretty, lightly-fragrant Primula obconica have a green eye and come in shades of blue and lilac, white, apricot and pale orange plus red, pink and crimson and bring cheer to houseplant displays during the late winter and spring months.
POT LUCK: Violas (above) and primulas (left) add a splash of colour to spring containers
Your rash could be caused by an allergy to primulas
I remember my grandfather growing a beautiful primula as a house plant when I was a boy, it was called Primula sinensis.
Nestle primula Black Jack under the crimson-backed leaves of rheum Ace of Hearts with red-eyed Euphorbia martinii in the background.
In summer you can then replace the primulas and pansies with geraniums and fuchsias and a bit of fresh plant food.