Primordial Soup

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The mixture of basic organic molecules theoretically present in primitive—circa 4 billion years ago—oceans corresponding to the building blocks for macromolecules and, eventually, living cells
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As for Primal Kyogre, it has the Primordial Sea Ability, which brings heavy rain with it.
Where else can you see jaw-dropping evocations of distant galaxy clusters, primordial seas, evolving protozoa and an excellent performance by Brad Pitt in one film?
Before then, nebulous organisms of no obvious relation to present-day life drifted in primordial seas.
As these early plants gained a foothold on the rocky ledges poking out of the primordial seas, they helped build the terrestrial soils.
In its many versions, a creature dives to the bottom of the primordial seas to bring up a bit of mud from which the original land mass of the earth is formed.