primordial germ cell

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pri·mor·di·al germ cell

the earliest undifferentiated sex cell, found initially outside the gonad.
Synonym(s): gonocyte

primordial germ cell

any of the large spheric diploid cells that are formed in the early stages of embryonic development and are precursors of the oogonia and spermatogonia. They are formed outside the gonads and migrate to the embryonic ovaries and testes for maturation. See also oogenesis, spermatogenesis.

primordial germ cell

A germ cell before it begins its maturation into a haploid gamete.
Synonym: primordial cell
See also: cell


original or primitive; of the simplest and most undeveloped character.

primordial germ cell
cells which provide the origins of the spermatozoa and the ovum; they originate from the yolk sac endoderm and migrate to the developing gonad.
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This is accomplished by the specific expression of these markers as they are switched on or off according to the stage of differentiation, thus permitting a better identification of the tumor, which in germ cell tumors is determined by a progressive flow from primordial germ cells to extraembryonal and somatic malignancies.
The localized mRNA includes vasa mRNA, which is a well-known marker of the primordial germ cells (Schup-bach and Wieschaus, 1986; Fujimura and Takamura, 2000).
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These results indicated maturation of the primordial germ cells to haploid male gametes - called IVD sperm - characterised by containing half a chromosome set (23 chromosomes).
Primordial germ cells have well-defined pseudopodia (temporary protoplasmic processes) similar to amoeba, and move via amoeboid action.
Genninomas, which are fairly treatable, arise from primordial germ cells that fail to migrate correctly in embryogenesis.
Using a form of vitamin A, the scientists coaxed the mesenchymal cells to become primordial germ cells (PGCs) - the first stage in the genesis of sperm.
Scientists identified developing stem cells containing the genetic signature of primordial germ cells, the ancestors of eggs and sperm