Primordial Soup

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The mixture of basic organic molecules theoretically present in primitive—circa 4 billion years ago—oceans corresponding to the building blocks for macromolecules and, eventually, living cells
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Although the primordial soup of paint covering the bombers seems to evolve into more complex forms through Ismael's graffiti, Underworld's retrograde narration enables a kind of feedback loop between Ismael and Klara.
Enter the Evogrid, a computer creation concept that would be a digital version of the primordial soup.
Meanwhile Andrew Marr zeroes in on how the primordial soup hit the fan when he floated the idea man had evolved from apes.
Lars's acerbic wife meanwhile is dishing up boil-them-yourself lobsters and primordial soup.
And P6 Tips has come a long way over the years, its tea-sipping chimps of the 1950s (and 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s) clambering out of adland's primordial soup and evolving into the TV dream team of hernia-voiced funnyman Johnny Vegas and n knitted monkey puppet.
While the debate over evolution in schools has been developing for many years in a primordial soup of passion, generally speaking, it hasn't reached a very high level of complexity.
In this seething primordial soup, novel particles may lurk.
No one knows precisely what will come tumbling out of the primordial soup of disintegrating protons.
DIPPING into the primordial soup of time, Pathfinder opens with Viking dragon boats setting sail for North America.
The primordial soup that is Suruga Bay also has espoused certain legends that include a mythical sea monster akin to Loch Ness and the fictional sludge monster portrayed in 1971's Godzilla vs.
But the writers of Genesis were not unsettled by the idea that God had some primordial soup from which to work.