Primordial Soup

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The mixture of basic organic molecules theoretically present in primitive—circa 4 billion years ago—oceans corresponding to the building blocks for macromolecules and, eventually, living cells
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Life on Earth arose about 4 billion years ago when the first cells formed within a primordial soup of complex, carbon-rich chemical compounds.
The primordial soup was so hot that the speed of sound reached 57% of the speed of light.
Sometimes--at the same time--I am a dinosaur, a fish, a bat, a bird, a single-celled organism swimming in the primordial soup, or the embryo of a mammal, sometimes I'm in a cave, sometimes in a womb, which is basically the same thing--a place protected (against time).
Some people call this the Cambrian Age of legal tech, with a host of new tech companies crawling out of the primordial soup onto land.
With a trillion interconnected IIoT devices, he said, you will be living in "a sea of information--the new primordial soup."
Compared to the kind of future being predicted by Micky McManus, the 50 billion connected devices predicted to be in existence by 2020 seems to be just a small drop in the primordial soup.
This led to the formation of the popular 'primordial soup' theory, according to which the early Earth somehow had a mixture, a sort of broth of molecules, that were energised by solar energy and electrical storms.
Now the question is, with water and all the raw materials that make up living things, is it enough to make the primordial soup on Mars?
So using that as my yardstick, I predict that within a year coaches preaching the 'hang on to what we have' philosophy will be back in fashion, noholds-barred central defenders will have re-emerged from the primordial soup rather than becoming extinct, black and white footage of Giacinto Facchetti (pictured left) playing the 'catenaccio' to perfection will have become a coaching necessity for young players and to top the seasonal scoring lists in England, Italy and Spain you will need to have bagged a meagre 15 or 16 goals.
Matt Schrenk of Michigan State University said that this research lends further support to the idea that life originated not in the "primordial soup" of surface lakes and seas, but in the tiny water-filled fissures found in underground rock.
One world renowned scientist who's had plenty to say on empty arguments like these is DNA biochemist Dr Robert Shapiro who tore strips off a study published in the journal Nature that suggested a "drying lagoon" could have provided the necessary concentrated primordial soup for life to arise.