primary care physician

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primary care physician (PCP, P.C.P.)

Etymology: L, primus + ME, caru, sorrow; Gk, physikos, natural
a physician who usually is the first health professional to examine a patient and who recommends secondary care physicians, medical or surgical specialists with expertise in the patient's specific health problem, if further treatment is needed.

primary care physician

A mainstream physician who provides care to a patient at the time of first (non-emergency) contact, which usually occurs on an outpatient basis. In the US, primary care providers include internists (formerly, general practitioners), family practitioners and paediatricians; in many regions of the US, gynaecologists provide primary care to women.

primary care physician

A physician who provides care to a Pt at the time of first–non-emergent contact, which usually occurs on an outPt basis; PCPs include internists (formerly general practitioners), family practitioners, or emergency room physicians. See Family practice, General practitioner, Internist.

pri·mar·y care phy·si·cian

(prī'mar-ē kār fi-zish'ăn)
A physician in family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, or pediatrics who is a patient's first contact for health care in an ambulatory setting.
See also: health care provider

primary care physician,

n the first medical doctor a patient will seek for care. A specialist for general conditions.
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If you don't have a primary doctor or are not at ease with the
However, Table 4 shows that FFS patients reported higher satisfaction compared with the demonstration patients in terms of ease in obtaining appointments with a primary doctor, ease in obtaining referral to a specialist, and availability of social workers and dietitians.
The company also offers a 20% discount to see a nutritionist in its network if a primary doctor refers the patient.
If you have a problem that needs special attention, your primary doctor may send you to a specialist.
Her primary doctor and local specialists were puzzled.
Ask your primary doctor, or the people you are visiting to recommend a local doctor who would be competent to care for your child, should the need arise.
It is extremely important that your pregnancy be monitored by an obstetrician who is experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies and who can work closely with your primary doctor.
The next day, I usually find out they've gone to their primary doctor demanding the X-rays and antibiotics that the idiot ER doctor refused to provide.
Your primary doctor can help you with some urinary problems.
Gatekeeper," the new key word in HMO vocabulary, potentially places the primary doctor (internist, family physician, general practitioner) in the regrettable position of feeling coerced--either by the HMO, which presses hard for lower costs (since that equates to more profits), or the physician's desire for greater income.
The Dunblane Primary doctor spoke out as Labour kept up the pressure for a change to the gun laws.
To get the name of a specialist in your area who can give you a second opinion, ask your primary doctor or surgeon, the local medical society, or your health insurance company.