primary care physician

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primary care physician (PCP, P.C.P.)

Etymology: L, primus + ME, caru, sorrow; Gk, physikos, natural
a physician who usually is the first health professional to examine a patient and who recommends secondary care physicians, medical or surgical specialists with expertise in the patient's specific health problem, if further treatment is needed.

primary care physician

A mainstream physician who provides care to a patient at the time of first (non-emergency) contact, which usually occurs on an outpatient basis. In the US, primary care providers include internists (formerly, general practitioners), family practitioners and paediatricians; in many regions of the US, gynaecologists provide primary care to women.

primary care physician

A physician who provides care to a Pt at the time of first–non-emergent contact, which usually occurs on an outPt basis; PCPs include internists (formerly general practitioners), family practitioners, or emergency room physicians. See Family practice, General practitioner, Internist.

pri·mar·y care phy·si·cian

(prī'mar-ē kār fi-zish'ăn)
A physician in family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, or pediatrics who is a patient's first contact for health care in an ambulatory setting.
See also: health care provider

primary care physician,

n the first medical doctor a patient will seek for care. A specialist for general conditions.
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require you to have a referral from your primary doctor.
In the case his primary doctor is not available, the patient can be seen by any other providers who still have capacity to accommodate this patient.
You'll have an attending physician, who may be your primary doctor, a doctor on the hospital staff to whom you've been referred, or a specialist.
Pete Wilson's desk Monday when the Assembly overwhelmingly passed a measure allowing women to make appointments with gynecologists directly instead of first getting clearance from a primary doctor.
The goal of managed care is to have most medical problems seen and resolved by your primary doctor.
When a member is sick and unable to see their primary doctor quickly, a telephone consultation from Teladoc's local physicians may be a good alternative for those with minor illnesses," said Gina Conflitti, regional medical director for Aetna.
Our survey also found that seniors might be inclined to switch to MA plans if vision care were covered, if their primary doctor was coordinating care, or if incentives were available for managing their blood sugar and blood pressure.
Of course, reviewing your advance directive with your primary doctor and specialists is crucial.
The agreement enables Healthfirst's youngest members to receive immediate access to care, 365 days a year, from pediatric emergency specialists for non-life-threatening medical conditions when their primary doctor is unavailable.
Second, even if subspecialty referral is obviously warranted, the primary doctor must obtain approval, often from the physician manager.
This benefits those patients tremendously because now there's a richer conversation with their primary doctor that is supported by the pharmacy documentation.