primary cell

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primary cell

an irreversible (nonrechargeable) electromotive force cell.

primary cell

In physical therapy, a device consisting of a container, two solid conducting elements, and an electrolyte for the production of electric current by chemical energy.
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Patient discussion about primary cell

Q. what is the most accurate pathological test to identify the primary source of a cystic mass in the neck? the mass was removed. Pathologist was unable to identify the source and diagnosed the mass as a branchilogic carcinmoa (which is extremely rare, if exists at all). Therefore, I am looking for the most updated test and examinations that can be applied to blocks of the mass and determine their origin (primary source)

A. Pathologic examinaions under a microscope are the most accurate ones there are, and sometimes even they don't help to identify the cell types. I do not have any other ideas on other tests you can do, and I believe you should follow the treatment your doctors will advise you based on this diagnosis they have made.

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The total value of global imports of primary batteries in 2015 reached an estimated USD 7.
The Defense Department also gains better return for its investment in rechargeable batteries, but they are initially more expensive and cannot store as much power as primary batteries.
Demand for primary batteries, exposed to more mature product markets and less potential for technological upgrade, will grow at a below-average pace.
Although the most intensive technological imperatives are found on the secondary (rechargeable) end of the battery spectrum, producers of primary batteries are also under pressure to upgrade performance/price tradeoffs in a highly competitive market climate.
But from 1992 to 1997, factory sales of primary batteries --described as AAA, AA and related sizes, in addition to rechargeables and telephone and camcorder packs -- nearly doubled.
Increased sales of more powerful, higher-price batteries will also contribute to dollar gains, as will improvements in performance that are allowing primary batteries to be used in a wider range of applications, including some that were once the exclusive domain of secondary batteries.
Energizer Holdings manufactures primary batteries and portable lighting products and is a branded distributor of consumer products.
Periodic indicative notice without call for competition: accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries
With primary batteries, you're in much better shape: back to viewing after only a brief pause in the action.
Moreover, new alkaline primary batteries introduced onto the market in 1998 can reportedly power high-drain electronic products such as cellular phones and camcorders, potentially providing formidable competition for higher-end rechargeables.