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Contract:Nhs west essex clinical commissioning group is seeking a provider for clinically led primary medical services at the steeple bumpstead surgery.
Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of primary medical services, said: "Registration with the CQC is required by law in order to protect people who use dental services, and we will not hesitate to take legal action where dental providers are found to be operating without registration.
Following the hearing, Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of Primary Medical Services for the CQC, said IDH had been contacted back in 2012 about registration problems elsewhere.
NHS England is the commissioner of that service and looks forward to working with the practice to ensure that patients continue to receive the primary medical services they require.
The Scottish Government's Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act will also outlaw vending machines from tomorrow.
He said: "The judgment removes the final barrier to fully implement the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Act and maintains Scotland's position as a world leader on tobacco control.
Our projects focus mainly on primary medical services including caring for pregnant women and children.
6 In a large retrospective study, Boland et al found that approximately 40% of patients referred to an inpatient psychiatric consultation service for depression did not meet criteria for a depressive illness, and primary medical services often confused organic syndromes such as delirium and dementia with depression.
Clause 12 says the clinical commissioning groups would only have responsibility for "persons who are provided with primary medical services by a member of the group and persons who usually reside in the group's area".
Stage one of The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Bill (Scotland) has already been passed by MSPs, but we remain positive that our views will be heard and would urge people to sign the online petition, which runs until Monday 12 October.
Listed on the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange, the company is a leading provider of primary medical services through its 60 laboratories in Egypt, in addition to a minority stake in Mokhtabar Al Borg Saudi Arabia - with 14 branches in Saudi Arabia, four in the UAE and a recently opened laboratory in Qatar.
The new centre is part of the Department of Health's Equitable Access in Primary Medical Care programme, which aims to improve access to high quality primary medical services, reducing the gap in life expectancy between the most deprived and least deprived areas.

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