Primary Loss

The loss of a loved one to death by any cause
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Not soon enough for House Minority Leader Eric Cantor, who suffered a primary loss to a Tea Party candidate.
Also, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's recent primary loss was widely viewed as a defeat rooted in Cantor's perceived stance on immigration.
Oh, and did we mention that, very shortly after his primary loss, Smith pulled up stakes in N.
Disappointed by Allamand's somewhat surprising primary loss, the RN was nevertheless quick to rally behind the victorious UDI candidate.
The president's former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, told The Washington Post that Obama had learned his lesson from skipping his hoops game on the day of his 2008 primary loss to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.
Following the December 19, 2011 outage, Mayor Lee immediately tasked SFPUC General Manager Ed Harrington and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White to lead an investigation and work with Recreation and Park Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg to make sure the City took every step to make improvements to prevent another loss of power at the Stadium should the primary loss of power occur again.
The 17-20 per cent primary loss absorbing capacity is a very significant number to come out of the report - it applies to the whole group and is definitely higher than the industry expected.
Faced with a likely primary loss as Republicans turned right, he dropped out and announced he will run as an independent in November.
Clinton, once seen as the inevitable nominee, has suffered an 11th consecutive primary loss to rival Illinois Sen.
McCain returned to South Carolina, the scene of his crushing 2000 primary loss to George W.
Additionally, military-connected children feel both the primary loss and also secondary loss, such as relocation, the loss of the familiar military community and culture, and changes to their support network and friends.
It must be remembered that milk producers are the primary loss makers in this strike as they will not be paid for the milk they either withhold or donate, but with a milk price of around 18p per litre, many feel there is nothing left to lose before they go out of business.

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