primary control

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primary control,

n in the Alexander technique, the innate relationship of the head, neck, and spine to poise and balance. See also technique, Alexander.
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Because demand for capacity can be computed without knowledge of supply, and because supply of capacity can be computed without knowledge of demand, the reconciliation of demand and supply validates these two independent sets of operational data and becomes the primary control for operational data transparency.
Under these circumstances, MRMC enjoyed both the financial benefit and primary control of the property, according to the court.
The CitectSCADA system used at Barber's cheese making facility oversees 25 PLCs that provide primary control at the plant.
However, the transmission's primary control is the standard floor-mounted P-R-N-D-S shift quadrant used by most automatics.
Nearly all of the group's releases were written by Brown, who took primary control of the band and eventually began billing himself as a solo act with The Famous Flames as his backing group.
We have the primary control room set up as is typical for most large museums, but because the system is networked, we have the ability to log on through administrative workstations, so I am able to monitor system activity and video feeds from my office," Petersen states.
The properties of the anisotropic cord rubber composite are said to have primary control of the overall performance characteristics of pneumatic tires.
The system also incorporates "true closed loop control," which means that the actual component temperature is acquired using a patented IRS noncontact IR sensor, and is used as the primary control mechanism for the heating system.
Outside investors will hold primary control over the airline created by the merger of US Airways and America West Airlines, according to media reports.
The primary control on the total number of tie-breaks that occur in the Roland Garros fortnight is the proportion of matches that develop into lengthy contests, which by definition feature more sets than shorter matches, thus increasing the opportunities for set deciders to occur.
Primary control refers to behaviors or cognitions that are aimed at altering the external environment and efforts to change the environment to meet the changing needs of the individual.
With its integration of a 16-bit microcontroller and a DSP in a single architecture, the dsPIC30F can accommodate primary control applications while performing speech recognition using excess memory and MIPS.

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