prima facie

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prima facie (prīˑ·m fāˑ·shē),

n at first site; the minimum amount of evidence required from one party that compels another party to defend itself in court.
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Ross's theory of prima facie duties at least brings a modicum of order into an otherwise chaotic picture, and offers a way of straddling the gulf between the strict pacifism of the early sources and the frequent use of violence in historical contexts.
The domain we selected was medical ethics, consistent with our choice of prima facie duties, and, in particular, a representative type of ethical dilemma that involves three of the four principles of biomedical ethics: respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence, and beneficence.
We developed a system (Anderson, Anderson, and Armen 2006a) that uses machine-learning techniques to abstract relationships between the prima facie duties from particular ethical dilemmas where there is an agreed-upon correct action.
They encounter little of the moral risk which is inherent in Ross's theory of prima facie duties.
Ross wants to say that we often know for certain what our prima facie duties are, but we can never know what our duty proper is.
The lack of a definitive ordering does not mean that each of these prima facie duties is somehow an actual duty which you must perform on pain of being irrational.
2) I shall argue that Hooker cannot justify all of Ross's prima facie duties in the way he claims.
16-18]), we can understand that we have some general prima facie duties to (some) animals that flow from the principle that "Harming others is wrong.
Stratton-Lake's main point is that I start from prima facie duties and argue to rule-consequentialism.