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On May 6, the Federal Reserve proclaimed the threat of price deflation had become a major issue for the U.
The average rate of price deflation between 1929 and 1933 was 6.
com/research/7b9b30/packaged_food_2012) has announced the addition of the "Packaged Food 2012: Is Commodity Price Deflation On The Cards?
Results were impacted by food price deflation and calendar shifts, as the food retail group was flat at $7.
6% last month, but economists predict it will help drive inflation, as fuel price deflation eases due to heftier falls in January 2015.
2% on last year because of continuing price deflation.
But Numis said it will want to hear from management about the impact of price deflation on basket sizes and gross margins on the business.
The NSI had reported consumer price deflation on an annual basis in both September and August (-0.
The company said: "Mainstream grocers are under huge pressure as they strive to compete with discounters, leading to price deflation and rationalisation.
Discounting in clothing and footwear has been "particularly evident" the BRC said, with price deflation recorded above 10 per cent in the last two consecutive months.
8 % from last year--a stark contrast to the nine months of food price deflation that the nation experienced in 2009.
Mark Newton-Jones, chief executive of Shop Direct, said: "We've seen a decade of price deflation on the high street.