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David, 20th-century U.S. molecular biologist. See: Pribnow box.
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Data on thermal conductivities and anisotropy values assembled from different areas around the world are available from the literature (Deming 1994; Pribnow and Sass 1995).
Point mutation in the pribnow box, the molecular basis of beta- lactamase overproduction in Klebsiella oxytoca.
As a result, this capability provides more convenience for NorthMarq's borrowers while also saving the company significant amounts of time and money associated with the traditional, paper-based delivery system, explained Karen Pribnow, executive vice president and director of servicing for NorthMarq.
U*L] of these parameters to describe a mixture of equal amounts of randomly distributed parallel and series arrangements in a layered medium (Beck & Beck 1965; Pribnow & Sass 1995):