supportive periodontal treatment

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sup·por·tive per·i·o·don·tal treat·ment

(sŭ-pōrtiv perē-ŏ-dontăl trētmĕnt)
Extension of periodontal therapy that includes procedures performed at selected time intervals to review patients' general health history, reassess status of periodontal health, and provide preventive oral hygiene care.
Synonym(s): periodontal maintenance, preventive maintenance.
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High: 84 revisions preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance ITP + 33 363 454 hours labor + parts
Lot 1 Preventive maintenance of the installations for heat generation;
Predictive Maintenance: A predictive maintenance program is a good complement to a preventive maintenance program.
The automated preventive maintenance system was developed by the Habitat Technology Solutions Group, an in-house group that was organized two years ago to help improve the company's operating efficiency.
In any event, the maintenance information obtained for forecasting your budget and developing a work plan should include efficiency trending reports (like back-work logs, completed preventive maintenance actions, overtime trends, and equipment reliability trends).
The company's preventive maintenance services consist of plant visits at six-month to one-year intervals.
Statistical process control can be a useful tool when analyzing preventive maintenance activities to ensure that the program is in control and to identify opportunities to improve the system.
Preventive maintenance schedules the rebuilding or replacement of parts or machines prior to failure.
A highly reactive organization must work on basic preventive maintenance and planning and scheduling before they can do RCPE.
Today, most processors have instituted preventive maintenance programs for their molding machines, but if any attention is given to the auxiliary equipment, it is usually limited to checking the filters and returning the unit to operation as quickly as possible.
Preventive maintenance was a must and machines needed to operate an average two shifts per day (16 hours a day) five days a week.
This capability, along with the other preventive maintenance programs that we provide are designed to keep our customers up and running.
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