disease prevention

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disease prevention

A general term for any manoeuvre intended to minimise the incidence or effects of disease.

Disease prevention types
Prevent onset of disease—e.g., smoking cessation to prevent lung cancer.

Early detection of disease and reaction aiming to halt progression—e.g., detection of coronary heart disease after a first heart attack, lifestyle and dietary modification.
Minimise disability from incurable disease—e.g., tight control of type-1 diabetes.
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Patient discussion about disease prevention

Q. Why is autism common in children? Like vaccination for different diseases, can Autism be prevented? I am Elizabeth. I went to my close friend Lisa’s house last week. Lisa never told me that she has a younger brother, whose name is Todd. To my surprise, I happened to see Todd starring at me for quite some time. Lisa looked at me shockingly as she never said that she has a younger brother. When I asked her about this she started to cry very badly and I was at a loss to understand the reason for her cry. After few minutes of complete silence she apologized for not informing about her younger brother. When I asked the reason, she said Todd suffers with Autism and if this fact is known to any of her friends, they would either make a fun of her brother or cut their friendship with Lisa, both is not good for Lisa. I convinced Lisa that my friendship with her is whole-hearted and cannot be stopped for whatsoever the reason could be. Why is autism common in children? Like vaccination for different diseases, can Autism be prevented?

A. jude is right, but i have to mention here that there were rumors that spread about vaccination causing Autism. those rumors are WRONG, they come from people who are against vaccination (and i have no idea why) and have no basis. it has been investigated and researched many times and came up with no connection at all. instead vaccines have saved and will save millions of people in the states alone.

Q. If we can get sick all the time- why not take antibiotics all the time and prevent it? I can take antibiotics to my child and prevent his from getting all sort of diseases. And if so- what should I give him?

A. Antibiotics is a last resort, it should only be used when your body immune system had failed. That doesn’t happen as often as it seems. Taking antibiotics without any need leads to bacteria developing resistance to that antibiotic. Today we stand on a time bomb that will go off soon- there are fewer antibiotics coming out to the market each year and bacteria developing resistance to all sorts of antibiotics.
Don’t give your child antibiotics. It’ll only do him damage.

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