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The griever’s perception that the suicide could have been prevented
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Accuracy of demographic and procedural factors, contribution of patient's medical condition and preventability
expected complication rate) avoids requiring a direct link between the payment reduction and the absolute preventability of a complication for an individual patient.
To the maximum extent feasible, compensation decisions are guided by ex ante determinations about the preventability of common medical adverse events.
The issue of preventability is very important to them.
The latter is related to personal anxiety over the threat of the disease, which is affected by perceived severity, susceptibility, and preventability of the disease.
Ischaemic heart failure: a new explanation of its cause and preventability.
In the years during and following World War I, the subject of war and its preventability became a persistent feature in literary and critical activity.
Our use of the routinely coded data was different from the previous research, and sought to develop a tool to allow hospitals to monitor their own rates of adverse patient outcomes, for the full range of codes which can be hospital-acquired, regardless of preventability status.
It is divorced from objective senior-level judgments on the likelihood, preventability, or strategic impact of specific potentialities.
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