pressure-sensitive adhesive

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pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

a transdermal drug-delivery device that uses polymers that are permanently tacky at room temperature and adhere to the skin when slight pressure is applied.
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These products are used across many traditional and emerging applications in industries such as architectural coatings, industrial coatings, pressure sensitive adhesives and construction adhesives, textiles, sealants and waterproofing membranes.
Examples include the development of heat-activated films and innovative pressure sensitive adhesives in clear and opaque formats.
Pressure sensitive adhesive films and tapes offer a convenient and safe solution to many of the challenges currently facing medical device manufacturers.
Patented is a pressure sensitive adhesive double coated sheet consisting essentially of a shrink substrate and an energy radiation curable pressure sensitive adhesive layer, which is superimposed on one side.
For secure, lasting application of graphics materials, as well as general requirements for industrial markets, this alternative to high cost solvent acrylics is a significant new solution," says Chris Urheim, Rohm and Haas North American region market manager, pressure sensitive adhesives.
Pressure sensitive adhesive suppliers are answering the call and working closely with wireless manufacturers to solve some of the evolving problems," says Bill Jones, the technical marketing manager at MACtac, a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives.
Company is a contract manufacturer, specializing in the design and production of custom pressure sensitive adhesive components.
Acquisition Broadens 3M's Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Platform
The aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive on this product is specifically designed to adhere to rough surfaces (e.
A pressure sensitive adhesive, oriented and crosslinked in the oriented state, has been granted a patent.
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has introduced a new pressure sensitive adhesive, Covinax 404, that is ideal for use with vinyl -yet is versatile enough to be used on a myriad of other substrates, the company says.