public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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The objective of this consultation is to select a software for managing public and press relations to manage all files contacts Region.
Selection of a service provider to ensure mission communications consultancy whose objective is the definition of a press relations strategy and implementation of a communication plan and secondly, the creation and implementation communication tools (PR .
Jyrki Karasvirta, Vice President of Press Relations at Sonera Corporation, has been appointed acting head of Sonera's Corporate Communications.
In late 2001, SIPR merged with The Bingham Group, a San Francisco PR agency founded by Mark Bingham, and well known for its expertise in the wireless networking industry and for its special proficiency in European press relations.
For press inquiries, please contact Shannon Estrada at Bottled Blond Press Relations, 310/791-0033.
A major competitive advantage Strategic has over other hi-tech specialist PR companies and larger multinationals, is the ability to offer a scalable service from basic press relations to full-scale, full service, international public relations, accommodating the various PR and marketing requirements of any client company, at whatever stage of its development, from start-up to major corporation.
The Bingham Group is well known for its expertise in the wireless networking industry and its special proficiency in European press relations, servicing such clients as 3Com, NetSanity, No Wires Needed and VARStreet.