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prescription drug

Prescription medication Pharmacology An FDA-approved drug which must, by federal law or regulation, be dispensed only pursuant to a prescription–eg, finished dose form and active ingredients subject to the provisos of the Federal Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act. See Legend drug.
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prescription drug

A drug available to the public only upon prescription written by a physician, dentist, or other practitioner licensed to do so.
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Q. Can you provide information about how depression can be cured without prescription medications? I was working at a MNC with a high designation. Because of the internal politics I was sent out with a label ‘irresponsible.’ Each and everyone on the chairman’s committee knows very well about my hard work and the benefits they had gotten because of me. This wrong news has gone down the corporate grapevine to other companies and they are not accepting my application. I went into depression and was sick. I have spent all my hard-earned money on medications. Now my pocket is empty. No-one is there to help. I don’t need money from you now but can you provide information about how depression can be cured without prescription medications?

A. kenn;;im not gonna hold your hand on this one,what has happened to you happens to others,forget about the depression meds...SHIT have to be strong...and get your life together...the way the world is today..with people losing there jobs..their homes and all of their money...your problem seems small...think about another kind of job...think about going to school for something else..your life has not ended because of this....spend your money on looking for something new..GET IT TOGETHER.....PEACE mrfoot56

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Prescription Medication Use by Therapeutic Category Therapeutic Category Percent of Patients * (n=100) Antihypertensives 89 ACE inhibitors 32 Diuretics 23 Beta blockers 18 Calcium channel blockers 16 Vitamins 21 Aspirin 24 * Numbers do not add to 100 due to multiple responses.
Do you have any recommendations on how camps should handle staff prescription medication safely and securely?
During 18 years as a social worker, Ellisa Loucks saw many of her clients battling addictions to prescription medication.
Tom O'Connor, a Colorado Springs attorney representing the resort, said his client "has never maintained that [the resort] requires legal prescription medications to be disclosed." He said the policy is intended only to prohibit the use of illegal drugs or prescription drugs that are obtained or used illegally.
The researchers found that 19.8 percent of children and adolescents used at least one prescription medication during 2013 to 2014 and 7.1 percent used acute medications (used for no more than 30 days).
In each instance, she approached the pharmacy's walk-up window and demanded prescription medication.
He said he could not comment on any specific drugs which Jackson may have been prescribed, but added: "We know he was taking some prescription medications." Writer and doctor Deepak Chopra, a friend of Jackson, said the singer approached him in a bid to get prescription drugs.
Of those who met the criteria for migraine, 57% had ever used any preventive medication, and 49% reported use of acute prescription migraine treatments, he said, and noted that the likelihood of preventive medication use increased with age and decreased with family income, whereas use of acute prescription medication increased with age, but did not change significantly with income.
* Specific prescription antihyperstensive medications were identified from an inventory of all prescription medications used during the 1-month period before the interview.
As a prescription medication, the average cost of Claritin was $3.25 per tablet.
Jail staff allegedly refused to administer prescription medication because, according to the family, the Sheriffs policies did not require them to do so.
* Talk to your primary care doctor if you have a chronic condition or are currently taking prescription medication.

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