prescription drug

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prescription drug

Prescription medication Pharmacology An FDA-approved drug which must, by federal law or regulation, be dispensed only pursuant to a prescription–eg, finished dose form and active ingredients subject to the provisos of the Federal Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act. See Legend drug.
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prescription drug

A drug available to the public only upon prescription written by a physician, dentist, or other practitioner licensed to do so.
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Q. Can you provide information about how depression can be cured without prescription medications? I was working at a MNC with a high designation. Because of the internal politics I was sent out with a label ‘irresponsible.’ Each and everyone on the chairman’s committee knows very well about my hard work and the benefits they had gotten because of me. This wrong news has gone down the corporate grapevine to other companies and they are not accepting my application. I went into depression and was sick. I have spent all my hard-earned money on medications. Now my pocket is empty. No-one is there to help. I don’t need money from you now but can you provide information about how depression can be cured without prescription medications?

A. kenn;;im not gonna hold your hand on this one,what has happened to you happens to others,forget about the depression meds...SHIT have to be strong...and get your life together...the way the world is today..with people losing there jobs..their homes and all of their money...your problem seems small...think about another kind of job...think about going to school for something else..your life has not ended because of this....spend your money on looking for something new..GET IT TOGETHER.....PEACE mrfoot56

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Moreover, prescription charges generate close to [pounds sterling]500m per year for NHS services at a time of crippling cuts and stagnant wages.
If they happen to be on regular medication they will be forced to pay - with prescription charges in England increased by the Tories to PS8 per item - or do without.
While the Welsh Government is not making any moves in that direction, many in Wales are now questioning whether abolishing prescription charges was a good idea in the first place and whether, in the current economic climate, it is time for them to be reintroduced.
This situation seems particularly unfair when prescription charges have been abolished in Wales and are being phased out in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
SPARKHILL and Small Heath's MP has joined a campaign to scrap prescription charges for patients suffering from long-term illness.
The scheme, launched in December 2003, enables patients who are exempt from prescription charges to access medicines at a community pharmacy.
Northern Ireland's health minister has announced a freeze on prescription charges, pending a decision on whether to abolish them.
Computer feedback of prescription charges previously resulted in a modest improvement of resident knowledge of charges, along with a reduction in prescription charges.
Also, take note of what they don't say, bearing in mind that Gordon Brown, in one of the leaders' debates, had to drag out of a head-bowed David Cameron a promise not to introduce prescription charges for pensioners.
A TOTAL of [euro]312million in prescription charges have been collected from medical card patients since 2011 - despite the Government pledging to abolish the levy.