presacral space

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retrorectal space

area of loose connective tissue between the rectum anteriorly and the sacrum and upper coccyx posteriorly.
Synonym(s): presacral space
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A trocar perforation of the ileum may continue directly into the presacral space or pass above it and penetrate the left common iliac vein or aorta.
Finally, tailgut cysts are congenital malformations in the presacral space and are a malformed remnant of the hindgut.
Congenital or acquired lesions of the retrorectal space, also called the presacral space, represent a rare type of tumors.
The presacral space is a retroperitoneal area, which is between the presacral fascia of the sacrum (Waldeyer's fascia) and parietal peritoneum of the posterior abdominal wall.
The imaging study evaluation with an MRI of the spine revealed a soft tissue intracanalar epidural mass located from L5 to S4, which extended through multiple sacral neural foramina to the presacral space. The tissue involved sacral nervous roots (Figure 1) and the sciatic nerve (Figure 2).
This further confirmed the necrotizing fasciitis (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)) but also identified a collection in the presacral space (Figure 3) that communicated to the left leg through the left sciatic notch, which is consistent with an AL.
ASM is a unilocular or multilocular enlargement of the meninges from the sacral spinal canal to the retroperitoneal presacral space through sacral bony deffects and is characterized by a communication with the subarachnoid space (3, 4).
Computed tomography scan of the abdomen revealed no liver and biliary lesions but increased size and calcifications of the uterus, thickening of the perirectal fasciae, formation of perirectal abscesses, collection of fluid in the epidural and presacral space with presence of air, and presence of air within the subcutaneous tissue of the anterior abdominal wall.
On day #5 of life, an abdominopelvic computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a well-defined mass in the presacral space compressing the rectum and causing severe small and large bowel dilation.
Contrast-enhanced CT was performed, which revealed a heterogenous mass in the presacral space (diameter: 43 mm) that contained low-density areas suggestive of fatty components and some slight enhanced areas suggestive of soft tissue islands inside the mass (Figure 1).
A tract extended from the urethral defect to the presacral space where the JP drain was present (Figs.
Tailgut cysts represent a rare clinical and radiologic finding that should be considered when a mass is found in the presacral space, particularly in middle-age females.