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In a recent study, intraperitoneal administration of caffeine also provided evidence of the participation of DA in thermoregulatory adjustments induced by exercise and in modulating performance, as caffeine increased the concentration of this monoamine in the preoptic area (69).
Maternal behaviour is associated with vasopressin release in the medial preoptic area and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in the rat.
Estrogen/progesterone treatment in adulthood affects the size of several components of the medial preoptic area in the male rat.
In the new study, scientists artificially lowered the levels of the chemical in the medial preoptic area of female mice, to examine how they functioned without it.
Amino acid neurotransmitter release in the preoptic area of rats during the positive feedback actions of estradiol on LH release.
Swaab and Fliers (1985) identified an area of the human hypothalamus that appears to be analogous to the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the rat medial preoptic area described by Gorski and colleagues.
For example, the medial preoptic area (MPOA) has been shown to be important for sexual arousal, copulatory behaviour, and the refractory period of male rats (Hoffman, Gerall, & Kalivas, 1987; Oomura, Aou, Koyama, Fujita, & Yoshimatsu, 1988).
Variation in aromatase activity in medial preoptic area and plasma progester one is associated with the onset paternal behavior.
Daily rhythms in Fos activity in the rat ventrolateral preoptic area and midline thalamic nuclei.
The majority of this type of cell body is found in the medial preoptic area.
The thermoregulatory centre, the preoptic area and neurosecretory glands in the hypothalamus along with thyrotropes in the anterior pituitary gland control all these reactions (Tortora & Grabowski 2003).
Sex specific expression of N-methyl D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) in the preoptic area of neonatal rats.